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Masters Boxing Canada

Get ready to witness the ultimate boxing experience!
Masters Boxing Canada is proud to present a series of boxing events in Canada.

Masters Boxing Tournament
Location: TBD,

Quebec, Canada

What about ? Questions & Answers

What are the rules in our events:

Boxing Canada rules apply to all sanction events, CLICK HERE to see the Boxing Canada rule book.

What happens if I don’t get matched up?:

You will receive a full refund. We do our best to try to get everyone at least one match, unfortunately it doesn’t always work out.

What happens if I’m matched up but my opponent doesn’t show?:

We will do our best to find you a last minute opponent but if we are not able to, you will have two options. 1) we present you with a Championship belt as a walk over do to your opponent no show. Or 2) We give you a full refund.

Bout Sheets:

Will be released the week of the tournament. These will not be final, like I said before until weigh-ins are complete Saturday we will only hope that everyone shows up. How ever they do give you an idea who is scheduled to compete Saturday and a rough idea who will compete Sunday. I want to make it clear things can change, you might be scheduled on Saturday but your opponent drops out last minute, we might be able to get you a bout Sunday so just be aware things can always change.

Do I get a refund if I drop out?:

No, we have a no refund policy. We have committed and will go through the tournament regardless, we need the same commitment from you. We don’t have many sponsors so most expenses are paid out of pocket. We rely on that entry fee money to be able to pay the bills, trust me there are many.

Boxing Gear:

We provide the boxing gloves, you are responsible for all other equipment. This includes CANADA and USA Boxing Master Approved headgear.

What if I don’t have a Coach with me?:

We will have coaches ready to help you out. Do to number of bouts and how busy things will be, you will more than likely have to use hand wraps instead of gauze and tape if you do not have a coach with you. Make sure you have some hand wraps with you.


you only weigh-in the day that you compete. If you are only scheduled to compete on Sunday you only weigh-in on Sunday. If you are in a full bracket, you need to weigh-in Saturday and if you win you need to weigh-in Sunday morning as well.


Will need to check-in before bouts start in order to get their band that shows they checked in and can corner their boxer. Our events will be a provincial boxing Sanctioned event so all rules apply. If your paperwork is not inline you will not box. If coaches are not up to date or are missing on-line classes you will not corner your boxer. No exception.

If you are dropping out please let me know as soon as possible. I know life happens but be thoughtful of your would be opponent, don’t leave us hanging please.

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